Before the Polls Close, Here is My Prediction on the Two Georgia Senate Races

Brace yourself. This isn’t going to be pretty.

To understand why my prediction is what it is, ask yourself one question:

If the Democrats are willing to commit blatant fraud such as blocking poll observers, claiming “machine” issues during the tabulation processes, and allowing dead and out of state ballots to be counted for a Presidential election, what makes you think they won’t double down for two US Senate seats to seize total control of the massive Washington, DC machine for at least two years if not beyond?

Governor Kemp has proven with his track record in the past year that he is either incompetent, corrupt, or both. The Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is obviously corrupt, I’m not even going to mince words there. And Stacey Abrams, the current Governor Elect of Georgia goes one step further demonstrating her deal with those two idiots was a farce (via TownHall):

WATCH: Stacey Abrams Brags About Lack of ‘Exact’ Signature Matching in Georgia

Stacey Abrams orbiting a polling place

Thus, after whatever “malfunctions” or delays occur after 8 p.m. ET tonight, there will be an estimated almost official result where both Democrats win their races.


President Trump failed to mandate US Department of Justice attorneys be part of the poll obeserer teams. The GOP, especially Mitch McConnell, failed to provide resources to counter the efforts of the outside Democrat money machine thus leaving the candidates at a huge disadvantage when the major leftist strongholds of Savannah, Macon, and Atlanta will use their fraud machines to offset the areas where Trump was strongest. And “conservative” media icons like those on Faux News (formerly FNC) dismissed any objections to how Georgia was conducting its elections as conspiracy theories and the rantings of bitter, insane people who hate our country.

The next four years are going to suck if I am right. But then six months will be just the beginning of the worst nightmare in American history since Woodrow Wilson.

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