February 8, 2022: War Drums, Part 1

Thankfully my travel schedule for the time being is being curtailed thanks to President Brandon’s supply chain issues thus I should have more time to post articles. Hence, I will attempt to post daily updates with summations of news stories and Tweets from the OSINT universe which continue to indicate that war is about to break out in Eastern Europe. I hope this is of some help to my readers.

It’s almost as if France and Germany forgot August 23, 1939 (via the UK Guardian historical archives):

The key excerpt:

Same as it ever was, to quote the wise philosophers, The Talking Heads, or better yet, the corrupt global financial system now running the world.

It would appear that the buildup is genuinely causing a panic in the West, especially after the stories from the news today. From the UK Daily Mail:

Now hardline ex-KGB chief joins Russians telling Putin NOT to invade Ukraine – while six Russian warships storm towards Black Sea despite Macron’s claims to have a de-escalation deal

The Russian reply to this?

Germany an ‘occupied state’ — Russia

“Peace in our time” indeed.

Meanwhile, on the military front:

Just because the Kinzhal is a nuclear weapon capable hypersonic ballistic missile is no problem for the United States. The Europeans however, might want to start paying attention:

Map Courtesy of OSINT Techinical

From The Economist, we get the Captain Obvious news story of the year thus far:

Will Ukraine’s muddy ground halt Russian tanks?

I shall save my readers the time to click on the link as the answer is “no.”

Another truly disturbing part of the buildup is the final transfer of and potential loading of landing ships from the Caspian Sea fleet at Novorossiysk:

Nothing bad can happen per President Dementia’s staff, right?

Then again, MAYBE, just maybe, what happens if the invasion fleet and other Chechen BTG’s decide to operate further south as recently speculated by these pages:

Not a good development, despite exercises beginning next week; again (allegedly).


Just remember what Rob said while watching this video from the UK Daily Mail story linked to above:

Meanwhile, more hardware is moving into position, threatening the entire region.

Happens all the time(hint: not).

Have no fear boys and girls, the US cavalry has arrived; to watch the whole war unfold.

More tomorrow barring an EMP event.

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