One of the Most Intense Firefight Videos of the Ukraine War

I post this with hesitancy because it is about as a violent depiction of war that you can see. I have been monitoring the Russia-Ukraine war since long before it started yet as the fighting began, there have been various encounters which are incredible to watch. The first one was where a Ukrainian unit a checkpoint mistakenly thought a Russian tank was one of their own leading to severed heads, legs, and a small squad wiped out.

But the video below during the combat outside of Kremennaya really was intense. The description from the poster provides a good summation but here it is in a nutshell then you can decide if my readers want to watch this.

A Russian soldier comes up on Ukrainian positions. He fires a grenade towards a trench line then approaches a dugout with two Ukrainian soldiers. He orders them to surrender, they appear confused at his order to surrender their weapons and after trying to grab one of their guns, they refused again so he killed them.

At point blank range.

WARNING: Very violent content and not safe for work.

This is real war. Next time anyone of you encounters a young video game warrior who says they want to play real war, show them this video. There is no guarantee in a real conflict as to which side of the rifle sights they might be on.

More Video:

This is the aftermath after the two Ukrainian soldiers were wasted. The fighting is getting much more intense every day now.

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