Part 3 of 3, Election Prediction: LANDSLIDE

The analysis I have been doing to produce the electoral map below is not hard to explain. Most individuals would refer to it as the “eye test” or just plain common sense.

Yes, my long time followers, I am on the Trump Train. In 2016 I was not as I did not trust the man based on his history and behavior. When I voted yesterday for Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence there was little doubt in my mind or heart that it was the only choice to keep America from tipping over into a socialist hell hole and to help our nation towards a brighter future. So without further ado, allow me to explain first why some states will flip red, then what I believe are the reasons for general election turning into a disaster for the Democratic Party.

The logic behind this is simple. The Democrats have overstepped their bounds thinking that because they have a large government employed population in Northern Virginia that they can extend and import radical California like policies into the state under the leadership of Governor Blackface Northam. The word “backlash” does not appear anywhere in the DNC vocabulary as we learned in 2016 and in 2020 Democrats will get a Blackface eye because of their overreach. Look for Virginia to probably switch back based on the repressive policies exhibited by the left.

The riots in Minnesota might have quieted down, but the resentment towards the Governor, Attorney General, and incompetent Mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul is still there. Businesses are leaving those cities forever. People do not want to visit the area. The standard answer of the left is “it’s Trump’s faul” but the citizens are not ignorant. They see the corruption from Congresswoman Omar, Ellison, and the incompetent Governor Walz. The key to this race is the U.S. Senate race where a Chucky Schumer pet is running neck and neck with a Republican who is surging in the final days. If the Senate seat flips, then all hell breaks loose and the Democrats will not only lose the Presidential contest in Minnesota, but potentially a House seat also.

The Democratic Party and Joe Biden made what can only be called a historic, if not monumental mistake in Pennsylvania. The assumption that all of their vote rigging, fraud, and ability to manipulate the state Supreme Court into an arm of the Governorship all went up in flames:

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Thus after Biden’s comments during the final debate about eradicating the oil and gas industry for the state, a massive riot in Philadelphia, and continued fiat rule from the Governor, the average citizen has probably had enough. The “suburban woman” theory the mainstream media is promoting went to a gun store and will probably vote for Republicans, including Trump. The marginal Democrat may say they will vote a party line but in private will say “the hell with this” and help deliver the state to Trump.

The “why” this will happen is part of the story but in reality comes down to one primary reason. John Kerry, Walter Mondale, John McCain, Mike Dukakis, Bob Dole, and Mitt Romney all have one thing in common. Can anyone name one dynamic policy, pronouncement, speech, or idea from those Presidential candidates?

Just like Sleepy Joe Biden, these candidates of our past all have one thing that unites them in history:

These candidates thought it was more important to run AGAINST someone instead of FOR something.

That is a losing strategy so saying “Orange Man Bad” repeatedly will cost the Democrats dearly. I have lost much faith in our nation, especially in states of the Far West and Northeast where largess, corruption, and violent leftism is just an accepted way of life now. But the rest of the country is not quite there yet, no matter what the media tells us.

Trump Trains, impromptu street corner flag waving rallies, long lines to see Trump in person, and an actual ground game speak volumes also. Does anyone see this type of organization or volunteer presence from Sleepy Joe? No. In all of my life I have not seen this type of enthusiasm for a candidate since Ronald Reagan in 1984. The hilarious part of this outcome is that Obama and his old staff have been warning the young geeks who went with a “digital strategy” instead of face to face campaigning would be risky. The warning were not heeded and this will be a hilarious mistake much Bob Dole’s famous mistake of believing that conservative talk radio and the “expert” RINO consultant class would help his campaign in 1996.

Speaking of which, if there is a pro-Trump vote that is not for him personally or his policies then how or why is it being expressed? It is a vote against a central command and control system, especially against a media which has appointed itself the arbiter of all facts and what information shall be permitted for consumption. The theory behind this has been demonstrated as functional in a system like Communist China’s, but the reality is that it will not work here as long as freedom is upheld by the brave few. With the social media and technology giants aligning with the traditional fading media, one day, their dream may come true.

In reality, logical questions must be asked. If the polls are “suddenly” trending strong towards Trump after every media outlet proclaiming “this will be the closest election in U.S. History” and “every vote must be counted before a winner can be projected” begs an answer to this:

If it really isn’t that close, why would anyone waste their evening watching Fox News, the Fake News Networks, read the garbage newspapers or even listening to traditional or digital radio?

That’s why I do not think it will be that close, the ‘media’ will attempt to drag it out into the wee hours of the night or for a few days just to grab viewers and listeners and to keep their “narrative” alive. In an attempt to boost their feeble ratings, they will say or do anything, but in the end the people are sick of it and their attempts will fail.

There is still hope for our country, and believe it or not there is a chance that the House of Representatives flips. Watch the congressional races that are competitive in Florida, Pennsylvania, and other Midwest states along with the Presidential race for clues. If this happens, President Trump will finally get to finish his agenda which should result in explosive economic growth and even more peace in war torn regions of the world; much to the anger and shock of the pro-globalism block domestically and internationally.

Thus why I project a Trump landslide.

People do not want to live in a nation of the “dark winter” they want hope, a future, and liberty.

THAT is all this election is about.

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