Russia and Saudi Arabia Sign Deal for Military Cooperation

When the camel smells the winds go sour and change, it too shall turn it’s nose away.

Or something like that.

The United States has pretty much started the disintegration of its alliances in Europe and the Middle East with the cowardly retreat from Afghanistan. In an era where many thought the United States would “build back better” it’s globalist post World War II alliance structure, it is now imploding at a record pace.

Sadly, with the United Kingdom as angry as they appear to be from the Afghanistan betrayal, Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations now realize just how unreliable an American partnership will be under the cognitively challenged President of the United States.

The story last night via the Arab News from Saudi Arabia sums it up:

Saudi Arabia, Russia ink deal aimed at developing military cooperation

While many in America will ignore this deal as nothing but saber rattling from the Saudi royal family the truth is that Biden’s administration has committed several diplomatic errors which have insulted the royal family. That however is another story, for another time.

From the article:

Saudi Arabia on Monday signed an agreement aimed at developing military cooperation with Russia.

The Kingdom’s Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khalid bin Salman announced the agreement, which he signed alongside his Russian counterpart Colonel General Alexander Fomin.

Prince Khalid arrived in Russia on Monday to attend the International Military-Technical Forum (ARMY 2021).

The minister also met Sergey Shoygu, the Russian defense minister, and discussed ways to improve military cooperation between the two nations.

“We discussed our common endeavor to preserve stability and security in the region, and reviewed shared challenges facing our countries,” Prince Khalid Tweeted after the meeting.

On the face of this, this is no big deal. In reality, it is huge. With the Saudis and Egyptians switching their alliances to greater cooperation with Russia, in concert with an American exit from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria before 2022 is over, it leaves the region totally open for domination by Russia and China.

Something that Henry Kissinger would never have dreamed of in his wildest evil dreams.

The retreat of Rome is now apparently accelerating; the humiliation of those who defend it is next.

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