The Biden Junta is Desperate to Wag the Dog

It is truly a sad, sad prospect to see a political party willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of young men and women (or ciswhatever) to retain power or provide dividends to politicians who want this forever Cold War to continue.

It’s so bad now, even some Republicrats are out promoting the idea of pumping up the war drums on #CNNisFakeNews:

The US “intel” is very specific.

Does he mean like the US intelligence community being so accurate on:

Iraqi WMD?

Russia not going to invade Georgia?

China not going to shut down all dissent in Hong Kong?

North Korea not obtaining nuclear weapons?

Iran not being able to launch full orbital satellites?

Does this author need to continue on just how inept our CIA, NSA, and DIA really is?

The funny part is that all the armchair intel analysts are guessing that nothing will happen but those in the region are not too amused:

To make matters worse, America is led by a senile, inept President with a vile, evil group of pro-Soros warmongers with the support of military-industrial complex Republicrats who want the US to go to war over a nation which has zero strategic or geopolitical importance for defending the US homeland.

A war-weary nation said “enough” in 2016, but the warmongers who enabled the Afghanistan disaster in 2021 want to sacrifice more of our blood and gold to pad their personal profit. This time however, it is to save the “poll” numbers of a pathetic regime with no moral center and a willingness to try to save their own asses by triggering World War III.

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