The World Media is Starting to Notice the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Again (Videos)

As a follow up to last night’s article, I thought it would be wise to post up some of the recent “news” features from various media around the world. Needless to say, the bias for each side is obvious depending on which network is reporting.

Keep in mind, during this prewar buildup, no accurate information will be attainable, even by our supposedly competent intelligence agencies hence the boasts by each side should be taken with a grain of salt.

What is notable in this report is the rapid adoption of almost World War One type entrenchments as if they would afford any protection or defensive value against a combined drone, aerial, and artillery assault.

As usual, “U.S. analysts” and media types are misreading the Russian intentions. This is not a random buildup to “intimidate” the Biden administration nor force the Ukraine into the Russian sphere. The lack of Sovietologists in this current era means the “experts” on Russia are as usual, liberal idealists rather than pragmatic analysts. The problem is that CBS News and other Western outlets are thinking that it is still 2009, not a final strategic play by Russia to neuter the functionality of NATO.

Imagine that, Al-Jazeera actually reporting from both sides. Perhaps the U.S. media could take some lessons of course, they are not covering Qatar so that’s probably why.

The Sun‘s typical Euro-liberal analysis is off only because the failure to acknowledge that the Russians are deploying troops from all over Russia, including the Far East Oblasts, means a bit more than the possibility of a “bluff” or bluster by Putin. The one cogent point he makes is how the Ukrainian government has basically cutoff the water supply to the Crimea and this emergency might well force Russia to invade.

Not a good look for the Ukrainians, unless of course you’re Germany.

This is CNN. Ugh.

As one would expect, a somewhat neutral view from the South China Morning Post.

More worried looks with an English accent, as usual, from the left wing BBC.

Meanwhile, from the Russian point of view:

This is to be expected from RT, but it’s no different from what the VOA or NPR broadcast from the U.S.

What I wonder is if there will be actual on the ground reporting allowed from both sides or will this be another bloodbath covered via YouTube snippets from embeds within each side’s military forces once the shooting begins in earnest.

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