US Government Waste in Action: $4.5 million to Spray Alcoholic Rats with Bobcat Urine


Just when one thinks it can not get any worse than last night’s Porkulus II, the Sequel, here comes Kentucky Senator Rand Pall with his annual Festivus report of government spending on absolute insanity.

The headline above is just but one of many highlights in the report, but here are a few more gems for my readers to chew on:

Yes, those Russians.

This is an amazing compilation of insanity and for just 5 minutes of my reader’s time, the understanding on why I was so angry about last night’s Porkulus II in addition to the insulting slap in the face granted by Queen Antoinette Pelosi with her comments sums it all up nicely:

America, we’re screwed with these idiots in charge.

Here is the link to Senator Rand Paul’s 2020 Festivus Report in PDF format.

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