Wargames 2022 Edition (Video Simulation)

Way back in 1983, during the peak of the Cold War with the United States and Russia, a cute little movie popped out called Wargames. It had all of the intrigue, teen heroes, and of course lessons that a nuclear war was unwinnable.

Fast forward to the children of the children of that era. There are actual idiots in the US military, corporate America, and sadly our current government leadership that believe a nuclear war is winnable.

You have read that correctly, winnable.

In fact over the past few weeks a new simulation courtesy of Princeton University in 2017 made it to the tabloid media in the UK which seems to reinforce this belief of “acceptable losses” should such a conflict occur.

Here is the video of “Plan A” and what happens as it incrementally accelerates via Princeton’s video, which is now outdated (sound up for the full effect):

Why is this plan outdated?

  1. The United States force posture has been further reduced in Europe along with the capabilities for a rapid high volume tactical response to a Russian tactical nuclear attack on NATO facilities due to decades of neglect.
  2. The Poseidon and other new weapons the Russians have developed will invalidate some of the previous theories that US capabilities for response will still exist after the first two waves.
  3. The leadership structure currently in place in the United States is unstable at best. While Putin may not be in charge after an initial strike, more radical elements within his government will take over and demand and/or extract revenge after the first strike as opposed to calming the situation. Especially when dealing with the rank amateurs in the US government.
  4. This simulation does not take into account China engaging with its nuclear force against US interests in the Pacific and further degrading and destroying the North American defensive systems and major cities. This would be as a result of the Taiwan conflict expanding at the same time as a war between Russia and the US.

Unfortunately those estimates and the entire theory was initiated under the guise that President Trump would be the unstable element creating a global conflict. Now the United States finds itself as a faltering empire facing the threat of a war in Europe and in the Pacific again without sufficient leadership or force structure to deal with the threat.

The truth is that the total death toll would easily exceed 170 million due to suicides, radiation sickness, disease, and the collapse of domestic government on a national level. Let us hope and pray someone rational can impose their will to stop this over a conflict in Ukraine before it goes too far. I fear that America, no matter the election results in two weeks, may well have crossed that Rubicon already and we are on that irreversible path to a global war unseen in over 80 years with dire consequences for humanity.

Got Potassium Iodide for your family? You might need it….

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