Why Everyone Should Prepare for the Collapse of Empire

Just over a week ago, I published an article where the supposition was that the entire global structure will be reversed shortly after the Beijing Winter Olympics. In that piece, The End of Empire in 2022, the theory is that instead of the “Eastern” powers submitting to the Great Reset designed by the West, those powers take this potentially one last opportunity to stop the current timeline and reverse decades of declining global influence.

Assuming the Chinese and Russian governments follow through on the projected actions this spring, the question must be asked

What will the collapse of empire look like?

Presuming the obvious, most readers will think this is a discussion about the end of American hegemony but it is far deeper than that. The West, as it has been known since the end of World War II will fracture with great divides that have beneath the geopolitical surface becoming quite visible, with France and Germany looking to establish a new European centered alternative to NATO almost immediately.

The statement above is speculative, I grant that, but probably accurate based on twenty years of the European Union drifting away from American interests as the threat from Russian invasion receded and global interventionism was the new re-defined mission of NATO. Threats were created and wars fought without any purpose beyond enriching the military-industrial complexes in America and Europe creating larger geopolitical problems which are just now beginning to erupt.

The economic consequence is the primary event however, that every citizen in the United States should have been or if not, immediately begin to prepare for. Much like the science of physics, an unexpected variable being introduced into an equation will change the results. To shed some light on the economic consequences I anticipate should the West implode in the next 100 days, I shall attempt to highlight the problems which are most likely to impact the life of the average American.

I. Ukraine Falls, Oil Rises

IF Russia successfully invades the Ukraine and seizes the territory I project that they will, the United States might well launch a series of major sanctions against the Russian government and corporations.

Apparently the US State Department is so ineptly managed, just like it was under President Obama, that the economic disaster which would follow might trigger a major economic depression in Europe and the US. The Russian response besides, a full militarization of their western borders with NATO, would include a total cut off of natural gas and petroleum and any other goods to Europe. The pain in the EU would be felt immediately as there are not enough vessels to transport LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) over the ocean to maintain adequate supplies for all of Europe’s needs. The result would be a shut down of most industry, fertilizer production, and electricity rationing throughout the EU. To add to the complications, once the sanctions are lifted, Russia could demand payment for goods and services in gold, silver, or even Bitcoin by banning the use of the Euro and US dollar in retaliation for being shut out of the SWIFT system.

Such a reaction would almost guarantee $100 per barrel oil in the immediate short term with natural gas prices reaching historically high levels, shutting down the economies of the EU and putting hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people out of work. The ripple effects of that will be felt in the United States no matter what President Senility proclaims.

II. Taiwan Falls, American Industry Collapses

Imagine taking 60% of the total production, 70% if one includes the Chinese mainland firm SMIC, off the world markets. An invasion of Taiwan and seizure by Communist China without a US military confrontation would actually be the better of the two potential outcomes. If US forces attempt to intervene, odds are the global disruptions of a global China-US conflict would be so severe that there is no scenario for which the world economy would recovery in the next twenty years.

Assuming the best in this worst case scenario after a Chinese occupation, TSMC and UMC would be offline at a minimum for six months are repairs are completed and the “merger” of those corporations into SMIC and China was completed. This would set back almost all auto manufacturing, heavy duty truck manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, and numerous other capital goods in the US by at least 9 months to a year at a minimum. The layoffs and collapse of American manufacturing will have implications which would not only trigger an economic depression but worse should the Biden regime elect to pursue a sanction strategy against Beijing. If the elites do not think that President Xi is not aware of this, they have failed to war this scenario out properly as China has been playing the “long” game for over 40 years now, while America has deteriorated like a pig fattened up for slaughter.

III. The Wild Card in Jerusalem

Assuming that Israel exploits the stalled Tehran talks on the nuclear weapon program of Iran, then it is only logical to presume that their military and political elites, coordinating with the friendly Arab states in secret wold eradicate the Iranian nuclear along with other military capabilities while global disorder reigns during wars in the Ukraine and Taiwan. The Russian and Chinese government might pay lip service to such an attack, but in reality after the dust settles, Israel would have achieved their goal of preventing a successful Iranian nuclear weapons program from succeeding.

How does that impact the average American citizen?


WTI-Crude oil prices will easily top the $200 per barrel mark with the average price of regular unleaded gas, when available, north of $9 to $10 per gallon. The secret or sleeper cells operating in the West will be unleashed on economic targets of opportunity. The corrupted and inept US national security apparatus will appear to be overwhelmed and citizens will form their own protective services groups.

The economy will collapse to levels unseen in modern American history. Gas will be rationed along with electricity and food. Bank holidays will be a common occurrence. Bankruptcies that may have been avoided with just the first two scenarios are going to be much more commonplace with large corporations and financial institutions forcibly merged under the guise of “national security.” Access to one’s retirement and checking accounts will be scant, limited, and strictly supervised.

In the end, the Great Reset will occur, but unfortunately not the happy happy joy joy version outlined by the World Economic Forum; it will be a much darker martial law bound America where freedom could easily perish into darkness and the divisions between states and individuals exposed at levels far greater than 1861.

If one does not have at least one year’s food storage, communications equipment, protection with plenty of ammunition, precious metals, and a tight secure network of allies, time is running out.


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