Election 2022: I Stand by My December 31, 2021 Predictions

Tonight will be another 2016 like enjoyable meltdown by the Fake News Media and thus I might actually have to watch some of the channels I tend to never visit just for the tears. On December 31, 2021 I made the following prediction from the post at this link:

-The Democrats lose 57 seats in the House of Representatives, 5 US Senate seats, 4 more governor’s races including a huge upset in Michigan during the November elections.

I stand by that prediction. There will be just enough organized voter fraud to prevent a massive Republican sweep in states like Pennsylvania, Washington, and potentially Arizona. I am hoping that I am wrong about this but history is on my side as America, like many of the Latin American countries we used to occupy with our military, has become a giant banana republic.

The Federal election summation after the fraud settles:

US Senate: 55 Republicans, 43 Democrats, 2 Independents

US House: 270 Republicans, 165 Democrats

Prepare for impact as I shall reveal my prediction for the reaction in a thread early tomorrow morning which many will view as prescient and others as too easy. It’s about to get wild in the good old USofA so I hope everyone has loaded up on their preps.

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