07.07 Breaking News: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Resign

After dozens of cabinet ministers and members of the UK government resigned yesterday the lockdown parties and a sexual assault scandal has finally brought down the Tory government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

From the UK Telegraph moments ago:

Boris Johnson to resign leaving power vacuum at top of Tory party


Boris Johnson is resigning as Conservative Party leader. 

Mr Johnson has spoken to Tory 1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady and agreed to stand down, with a new Tory leader set to be in place by the party conference in October, a No 10 source said.

With all of the controversy surrounding his leadership the man once dubbed the “Trump of Great Britain” is now out of the picture. The reaction of the British Pound was muted at best after days of collapsing against the US Dollar:

There are several groups that should be concerned about this development this morning in the United Kingdom:

  1. Zelensky and Ukraine: Boris Johnson was using his support of their war in the Donbas region to distract from the problems at home. Will the support fade now?
  2. UK Citizens: Instability is not good for a nation’s currency as the European Union has discovered. If the Pound drops below 1.12-1.15 versus the dollar it cold indicate a new wave of even higher inflation causing greater labor unrest in the country.
  3. The Biden Regime: If any nation is so poorly equipped to deal with change it is without a doubt the clown show of children in Washington, DC currently in charge. Biden was only able to carry his anti-Russian campaign on in Europe as long as Boris Johnson has his back. With domestic issues rising to the forefront in the UK, will the Biden junta start to slow down the transfer of arms and begin to lower the rhetoric and actions which have crippled the Western European economy?

Just to maintain the record of this website, yes, another drunken prediction has come true and I actually got the timing correct. We had best hope the rest of them do not, because it gets pretty damned scary.

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