Biden’s “Extraordinary Success” Causes Thousands to Walk Across Desert to Escape Taliban

There’s little white lies, whoppers, and damnable lies. Based on what President Dementia said yesterday during his angry old man yelling at clouds speech, Joe Biden covered all three with stunningly breathtaking efficiency of a despicable sociopath:

Despite leaving poor defenseless animals that were contracted to the U.S. military behind to be shot and/or tortured by the Taliban, his ineptitude has driven literally thousands of poor Afghans to gamble with their lives and make the dangerous trek across the desert in the Nimruz region through Pakistan into Iran to seek possible freedom in Europe or America.

From the UK Daily Mail:

Exodus: Biblical scene as thousands flee Taliban-held Afghanistan walking miles through the desert across the Pakistani border and into Iran

Here is Senile Joe’s “extraordinary success” that the sheeple are supposed to accept from the American propaganda press:

The video from the article linked above sure looks like a success, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile the insane bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. who refuse to put the Taliban on the State Department Terrorism Watch list, now actually want to give these animals American taxpayer dollars.

Not only are these children running America’s foreign policy inept they are also either insane or pure evil. It’s the ultimate insult on top of Joe Biden’s rebuke of the Gold Star families and insolent non-stop babbling about his son Beau where he attempts to infer he was a combat veteran in every speech.

It takes one reporter with some integrity and honesty to sum up the new reality, and he’s the only one who has the guts to say it inside the American fake news propaganda cartel:

This basically makes the Khomeni takeover of Iran under Jimmy Carter look like child’s play with the level of ineptitude and vile decision making at all levels. While Americans slumber in their drunken swill during the last holiday of summer, the world has shifted beneath their feet.

The Pax Americana era is now officially over and a time of great global economic and military instability has begun.

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