Suddenly Twitter is Censoring Accounts who Post Russian Military Movements

In what can only be called a shocking move overnight, suddenly Twitter, the geeks who want to run the Newspeak world, have decided that posting pictures, data, satellite photos, or videos of Russian military movements earns some of the most active OSINT members suspensions (OSINT = Open Source Intelligence).


Does Putin have a lot of shares in @Jack’s empire?

Is Twitter run by the very Russian trolls that the leftists who work there accused Trump of using to win the 2016 election?

As I noted in the daily War Drums thread, overnight this started happening:

Some from the Ukraine itself:


I could post dozens more, but I think my readers get the idea. Weirdly enough this occurred shortly after the Australian Prime Minister said the invasion of the rest of Ukraine would begin within 24 hours.

Everyone knows that Twitter is full of globalist Marxist idealists who wish to impose their version of a global language with only their approval and who so isolated socially and pathetic personally that they think the movie THX-1138 is an ideal future for mankind, but why just before a war would a “social media” platform pick the Russian side in a potentially major European war?

I think hell will freeze over before we get an answer.

-For the record, this author has been banned from Twitter for over a year for daring to point out that Joe Biden was a senile, sleazy thief who extorted money from multiple nations and will destroy our economy and lead us into global war. So far I refuse to withdraw my accurate assessment to please the Twitter censors.

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