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Burt Reynolds Mustache Sums up the Fake News Media in one Tweet

Even though I am banned from Twitter, the psychotechs who run that propaganda machine still want the clicks so they allow the untwittered from still seeing what our friends are saying. Today’s insanity started when Vice News, a thoroughly discredited fake news bunch of clowns posted the following link to a story which used Al-Jazeera as its primary source:

Of course only a bunch of leftist morons like Vice News would be unable to tell the difference between the reins used to ride a horse and a bull whip but hey, since when did facts matter?

Naturally the rest of the propaganda machine of the globalist Marxist left picked up on this and spouted off like the ignorant parrots that they are resulting in this glorious retort to some loser named Sawyer Hackett who is affiliated with another loser, Julian Castro:

Nicely done Mr. Mustache, nicely done indeed.

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