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The Western World has Officially Hit Rock Bottom

Folks, for those of you who have followed me from message boards to radio program days and throughout the wild ride of this blog, together we have managed to witness America and the West hit new lows and think “this is it, we’re not going to make it” and other such dreary thoughts.

Religion has now become a commodity as it is bought, sold, and traded to fit the mold of the political discussion of the moment. If someone still believes in the old moral codes they are considered mentally ill or antiquated.

Our society’s decline accelerated after 2008 when the “new normal” was accepted and encouraged when insane phrases like “funemployment” and “diversity hire” went from shamed concepts to a conformity with the “modern era” so as to protect a class of elites who wanted career political slavery.

Tonight, I’m scanning my Twitter feed and the question was asked, over and over again:

“Is this real?”

From Yahoo Finance:

Special Olympics Odds Make History as Global Sports Betting Industry Continues to Evolve

Dear God, send us the Sweet Meteor of Death, Please.

From the article:

HOUSTON, June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — For the first time in the 55-year history of the Special Olympics World Games, fans and viewers will be able to wager on the beloved international sporting event, which will be held in Berlin from June 17-25.

I apologize to my readers but I am stone ass sober as I type this. Afterwards perhaps, not so much.

More from the article:

“There’s nothing gimmicky about these odds,” BetOnline Brand Manager, Edward Knight, said. “Just like any other sport, we’ve created Special Olympics odds behind weeks and weeks of research. These are incredibly-skilled athletes competing on an even playing field, and our oddsmakers will give these World Games the same level of attention and respect as the Super Bowl.”

And you do not have to have an account to view the odds:

Odds to win individual and team disciplines, for both male and female, are available for wagering. No login is required to see the Olympics projections in real-time on this webpage:

Welcome to the final days of Rome boys and girls. Next up we’ll be allowed to place wagers on how long the drugs will take effect in death penalty executions.

I admit, I’m a degenerate. Hell, I’ll even wager on hockey and the stock market on occasion and if I’m in Vegas maybe even golf. But this? Just wow. Why can’t Western society just allow these athletes to participate in a global event and celebration while allowing them to enjoy the sport and not be exploited?

For the record, watch this guy, I think he might be a ringer:

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