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A Sober Look at the 2023 Predictions

It’s that time of year boys and girls where the pompous prognosticators all tell you what they think is coming in 2024 but few review their prior year’s blown efforts. Your favorite small time blogger however is not one of those souls so without going into much detail, here is a nutshell summary of my predictions from the JohnGaltFLA’s Extremely Drunk 2023 Predictions which basically justifies my disclaimer on this page that one shouldn’t invest a dime based on anything I say.


The big blown predictions are simple:

Russia didn’t have a big winter offensive but now the Kremlin’s strategy is at least clear where they elected to and successfully ground the Western backed Ukrainian military into an ineffective force.

China didn’t invade Taiwan but did more saber rattling but no insulting Biden by sending a carrier task group near US territory.

South Africa, miraculously, is still a semi-functioning intact state.

Iceland continues to be a serf state of the EU.

Greece and Turkey remain at the brink.

The BRICS prediction is somewhat correct but without Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mexico seeking membership at this time.


Missed by a mile:

The Fed capitulating, the S&P closing near a record, oil’s failed rally, Bitcoin, bank failures (only 5), and Biden having a clue.

Pretty much I nailed gold which is shocking because I thought the global economic and political instability would invite a bigger rally but I did say it would finish above $2050.

US Politics

I really missed on Trump quitting the race but then again, he needs the money for his lawyers from his suckers, so that grift shall continue. Pelosi retired from the leadership but not her insider trading position in Congress. The SCOTUS remains intact, thankfully, but they failed to take up the Constitutionality of “exit taxes” which is only going to accelerate capital flight out of the blue states and into free red states.

The rest of it was a random mix of hits, misses, and nonsense which means I should stick to my day job.

Or get a new day job.

Tune in tomorrow when I sober up to get drunk and do this all over again.

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