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My Public Service Posting for the Day: Airport Lounge Bloody Mary Reviews

This is a totally unnecessary, irrelevant and meaningless post but for those of you that fly domestic or internationally, I hope you will appreciate it in making your waiting time to board a tad more pleasurable in the morning. The maximum score is 20 for all samples of which I had two of each to confirm the quality and consistency of the drinks. I did not cheat by going top shelf, for those who ask.

Each Bloody Mary has scoring scale based on quality of vodka used, mix, and enhancements. Minus points are for poor quality or questionable choices, plus points for quality and taste. This is purely subjective so your mileage may vary.

Miami International Airport – AMEX Centurion Lounge

Vodka used – Smirnoff +1

Notes: At least is wasn’t a no-name brand with terrible flavor.

Mix used: Zing-Zang +3

Notes: A personal favorite with good flavor, not overly spicy for those with weak constitutions.

Enhancements: Olives + Lime -3

Notes: I requested a touch more Worcestershire sauce, more Tabasco, black pepper, and a stalk of celery. None available so a minus 3 for that.

Overall Flavor: +5

Notes: Just a middle of the road average mix.

Total score: 6

Miami International Airport – Admirals Lounge

Vodka Used: Svedka +3

Notes: A much better middle of the road vodka without leaping up to the top shelf

Mix Used: Vegetable Juice +2

Notes: the bartender did this the old fashioned wasy.

Enhancements: Lime, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco Sauce, black pepper +2

Overall Flavor: + 7

Notes: Above average as the bartender understood the phrase “eye opening Bloody Mary” and made it nice and spicy.

Total Score: 14

Punta Cana, DR Priority Lounge

Vodka Used: Smirnoff +1

Mix Used: Off brand generic mix -3

Notes: Very bland, probably because of older travelers who can’t handle the spice.

Enhancements: Celery (finally), black pepper, some Tabasco +2

Notes: Only a plus two due to the Tabasco which had to be requested and finally getting my celery for breakfast.

Overall Flavor: +4

Notes: Just a typical airport mix, nothing special.

Total Score: 2

Notes: Thankfully the local beer is pretty good.

Bonus Review:

Orlando International Airport AMEX Lounge

Vodka: Smirnoff +1

Mix: Zing-Zang + 3

Enhancements: Celery, black pepper, Tabasco +4

Notes: Great bartender there on the weekdays, no weekend samples available to evaluate, sorry.

Overall Flavor: +7

Total Score: 15

What makes this place good is that the bartenders actually can customize your cocktails. Hopefully Miami ups its game at the Centurion Lounge before I fly to the Caribbean again.

This is the end of my public service announcement. I shall be posting my vacation book reviews, one of which is a scorcher of a well known economist, and return back to the normal doom, gloom and boom later on.

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