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Apparently Carbon Dioxide Causes American Stupidity

There was a great scene from the movie Tropic Thunder which in reality was was great philosophical warning to our nation, one which the other soon to be futurist documentary movie Idiocracy highlighted.

If any of my readers were offended by that scene, please, feel free to email me at so I can personally call you a retard in my reply.

So just what caused your normally semi-stable host to go on this rant? Apparently, according to the new mask wearing, public transit riding, EV demanding left carbon dioxide is a poisonous element and must be regulated for everyone. Yeah, I know, we’ve heard about the threats from all the nutjobs like Algore and Greta, but they demand we go insane also.

Thus today while scrolling through X (formerly Twitter) a bonafide (alleged) nutjob posted the following:

CO2. In America. Where trees absorb it. Where humans exhale it. Where dogs fart it. Where cats purr it out.


It gets worse:

I’m assuming, based on this posting, that wearing a “mask” limits the output of CO2 from one’s mouth during exhalation.

There has been scientific “evidence” in the past from so-called experts as far back as 2009 illustrating this threat. From the website,, this beauty appeared:

Carbon Dioxide Triggers Primordial Fear of Suffocation

Now, I don’t want to scare anyone, but there was a documentary exhibiting this “fear” called Kill Bill 2 back in the early 2000’s:

Wow. So if one is trapped in an enclosed place without fresh oxygen or air recirculated one might die from CO2 suffocation? No freaking way, gee, duh, I’m shocked, shocked, I’m telling you.

Refer to the first video posted above from Tropic Thunder if you’re that stupid.

These anti-capitalist assholes want to take your freedom, your ability to create and enhance for the betterment of humanity so they can impose their own psychopathic interpretation of reality on the individual.

Look at her freaking profile if one doesn’t believe me:

Someone from the “woke” side, the communist side, the retard side, please explain “medical humanities” to me. I thought that by offering medical treatment was both humane and just to any soul who needs it?

Then again, I’m the ultimate anti-communist.

One more time, if anyone allows these people to get in charge of everything, our nation is toast.

Act and behave for oneself, not for the “greater good” or you will suffer accordingly.

However, being the capitalist pig that I am, if one is truly scared of this, please buy the product from the Amazon Store link below:

Temtop CO2 Monitor Indoor air Quality Monitor Portable CO2 Meter $51.99

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  1. Arpad Deli Arpad Deli 04/22/2024

    Hi Big John,
    On the “CO2 Thing!!” it has gone past “Full Retard!!!!” Some “Retard” thought to dig deep wells and “Inject CO2 deep under ground!!!” and for the “Common Good!!!”… also “BIG DOLLAR’S” for them!! They call it,”Carbon Capture!!” Try S/E Louisiana… a Pa. company “Scare-Products” (my little quip!!) in kahoots with La. Politics is trying to , against the voice of the local residents, pull this off under Lake Maurepas!!!! Check it out!!!!!!!!

    • 04/22/2024

      This is the definition of insanity. Injecting a gas that plants breath into the earth. I guess planting trees just isn’t profitable enough.

      • Arpad Deli Arpad Deli 04/24/2024

        Hi John…..,
        The company is “Air Products” .. out of Pa. There is a lot of “Strife” around here among the local’s!!! It is hard to go up against “BIG DOLLARS” when they buy off all the politicians around here…. You know you are from Louisiana when as a kid in the 3rd grade the first “Big Word You learn from watching Brandon Chase on WDSU news 2 weeks after a major election… is … “Malfeasance!!” When Brandon would spend he first 10 minutes of a 20 minute news broadcast telling of recent “Malfeasance n Office” charges against local newly elected politicians!!!!!
        I kid you not!!!

      • Arpad Deli Arpad Deli 04/24/2024

        Hi John,
        PS.. check out “Save our Manchac” on FB.. I am also a member of the “Manchac Boat assoc.” (a bunch of Camp owners and Boaters that like this place!!!) All we need is for one of these well heads to “BLOW!!!” ask the troops in Yazoo Mississippi what happened… those that are still “ALIVE” after one blew over there!!!!!!!

  2. ontoiran ontoiran 04/24/2024

    “So if one is trapped in an enclosed place without fresh oxygen or air recirculated one might die from CO2 suffocation?”

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