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Jay Powell Must Begin a New Rate Hike Cycle Immediately


The Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jay Powell, must initiate a new rate hiking cycle as soon as possible or the bubbles and insanity we are witnessing will spiral out of control destroying our economy forever.

What am I ranting about tonight?

Inflation? Pfffttt bush league.

Hyperinflation? Easy enough to handle.

Fiscal disaster? Don’t worry, he can print more.

For years on this blog I’ve published warnings about bubbles, about insane practices, about the threat to our economic and cultural stability with investments in stupid things.

Tonight, I think I’m getting close to saying I’ve seen it all:

Edible mascots.

Do what?

Yes, an edible mascot, from CBS Sports:

Pop-Tarts Bowl will feature the first edible mascot in sports history

First of all, how crappy a football team must you have (watch my Miami Hurricanes go to this game) to be a participant in the “Pop Tarts Bowl?”

Second, who is going to want to take a bite off of an “edible mascot” if after 3 hours of football a sweaty Gen Z loser who hasn’t showered in two days is wearing the Mr. Blueberry flavor?

Lastly, well, just read this from the article:

As a part of its birth, the winning team will have a chance to physically eat the mascot, according to The Athletic’s Nicole Auerbach

The Pop-Tarts Bowl will feature a team from the ACC and a team from the Big 12 and will take place on Dec. 28. In each of the past three seasons, the bowl was known as the Cheez-It Bowl and has been played in Orlando since 2001 despite undergoing several sponsorship and name changes.

(emphasis mine)

For the first time in the modern postseason bowl history, two teams could be playing to lose. Especially if it is that nasty pumpkin spice Pop Tart.

Mr. Powell, you know what you have to do. Just raise the damned rates to 7.5% in a few weeks to reign this insanity in.

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