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WORLD WAR III???? Israel Attacks Iran With a Nothingbuger (Updated 04.19 0500)

It’s happening as this author types. It’s happening so fast, I can barely keep up on social media and broadcast media is behind the curve, as usual.

04.19 0500 ET Update:

It would appear, now that it is daytime in Iran, to be nothing more than a small drone attack probably launched from anti-Iranian militia bases in Iraq if one is to believe the media. The reaction from the right wing in Israel was a less than glowing appraisal of the response:

Naturally, the US media is hyping this up for the American domestic audience this morning.

I guess this is the end of the tit for tat and the usual proxy war between the nations can continue.


From X:

Futures sinking, gold and oil taking off:

It’s getting real…

Usual launch region cleared. Israel does not have enough aircraft to hit every launch site without US assistance.

Ruh, roh…

21:43 ET, from Iran still silent on the English channel.

If confirmed, we wake up to a new world soon.

Appears to be confirmed based on the NOTAM I just got…

Israeli websites now confirming earlier video:

Buckle up, US futures markets are tanking.

Hoo boy.

More confirmation…

Everything is under attack. One has to ask if the US helped now. Too large an attack for the IAF to pull off on their own.

Retaliation about to happen.

BloombergTV just confirms what Iranian state media has reported, numerous targets in Iran hit by Israel.

Damn. We are in it. From

No confirmation this is real, but very little doubt they IAF could have pulled this off without US help.

No print yet, via BloombergTV live: Over 300 missiles, including cruise missiles and drones launched by the Israelis against targets in Iran.

2219 – Israeli sources (via Telegram so there is that) that all Israeli leadership are in Kirya.

Hardly regular…

The IDF would never have allowed this headline unless it was true.

Buckle up.

I’m going to crash for a while. I fear we that I will awaken to a brand new, unforeseen world.

Good luck.

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