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It’s All Falling Apart: Senegal Edition

The usual suspects in the leftist liberal media aka, the United Kingdom’s Guardian newspaper finally recognizes what many of us on the internet has known for months:

Is democracy dying in Africa? Senegal’s slide into chaos bodes ill in a year of key election

With the usual leftist drivel comes the usual leftist quote of the day:

More will come, most analysts warn. Ebenezer Obadare, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, says that for the first time in 25 years the continent’s experiment with liberal democracy has hit a “reality check”.

A generation of Africans who have grown up experiencing only democracy have been saddled with stagnant economies and scant opportunities. “The idea of democracy delivering the goods has not happened,” he says.

Olayinka Ajala, a senior lecturer in politics and international relations at Leeds Beckett University, who also advises governments on development issues, agrees that much of Africa’s vast younger generation is disillusioned with democracy.

Al-Jazeera‘s report reflects a tad more balance (I can’t believe I’m typing this):

In other words, they know what they have wrought by introducing a false version of democratic rule into West Africa which will cost the Europeans far more than North America as resources become scarce.

For the geographically ignorant, including those who never read about the Battle of Dakar in World War II, here is a map for reference:

This returns the world to the question, why is Senegal important beyond a strategic port on the West Coast of Africa?

Senegal’s gold rush: More wealth, but at what cost?

HAR finds two large uranium anomalies, drilling and assays next

I’m not going in any further, because this is the same old same old. Not to mention a strategic deep water port and losing several other nations from the Western sphere like Mali and Niger which has disrupted the cheap supply of low cost precious and rare earth metals to the EU and North America.

Of course, the BBC came forth with their usual version of the story to reflect the anger over this nation’s deviation from the script:

Senegal on the brink after elections postponed

Stay tuned folks. A weak European Union and even weaker US foreign policy could lead to even more instability in the region.

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