March 2008

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Birth of A Nation

by John Galt March 31, 2008 I. Intent The Founding Fathers had a vision where individuals were allowed to use their God given freedoms to use their own creativity, their own belief systems, and their own talents to work within a Capitalist system based on the principle of freedom. This freedom extended to all aspects to each and every citizen of American life as long as it did not impair or impede on other individuals or the greater good of this nation. These freedoms and the vision our Founding Fathers had…

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The Wile E. Coyote Moment

by John Galt March 20, 2008 There is a time when everything in a moment of history coalesces or intersects as I have stated in the past. For purposes of discussion of the U.S. financial system and much of the markets, I think we have arrived or on the precipice of another such moment. The American financial system has been the subject of jolt after jolt, shock after shock and now a final retreat from another phony rally, thanks to more suspect data points which did nothing but confirm the suspicions…

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