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The Last Lone Ranger: HiYo Silver Away!!!

It’s that time.

It’s almost that moment.

Yeah, there are goldbugs. There are cryptobugs. Then there are us crazy ass silverbugs.

Despite popular knowledge and belief, silver was used in trade, barter, and oh, by the way, a representation of how sound a nation’s currency really was.

The markets are exploding with inflation fears, war fears, and incompetent government fears, okay, maybe a lot more of the last one, and that’s why precious metals are rocking and rolling now just like they did in 2008 and 1979.

Silver in fact has finally decided to participate in the party and the one year chart of the futures explains just how and why.

After $30 per ounce the market will levitate. Above $40 per ounce it explodes. And above the old highs and past $60 per ounce?

Thus if the incompetency of the US government, EU and Asian central banks continues, which it will, odds are favoring some new all time highs in silver also.

And that will crush the semi-conductors and electronic stocks which are dependent on the metal.

Buckle up ladies, the party is just beginning.

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  1. Ride Space Mountain Ride Space Mountain 04/12/2024

    Silver and gold are money. Always have been. Always will.

    There’s a lot of “barbarous relic” people out there banging their head into a wall right now.

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