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The Obamacare Hilarity Continues: Work for Olive Garden? Suck on a Cannoli

  by John Galt October 9, 2012 19:15 ET   Gee, who could have seen this coming?   Darden tests limiting worker hours as health-care changes loom   Think it’s ugly now? Wait until the law takes full effect. From the article above by Sandra Pedicini in the Orlando Sentinel (video included at the link above):   “I think a lot of those employers, especially restaurants, are just going to ensure nobody gets scheduled more than 30 hours a week,” said Matthew Snook, partner with human-resources consulting company Mercer.   Darden…

Say Something, Be Silenced – The US Supreme Court abandons the Constitution

  by John Galt October 9, 2012 17:50 ET   Shut up slave!   How bad is it now? The United States Supreme Court first elected to bypass the rule of law when the pictures of Chief Justice John Roberts with a sheep were threatened with release to the world’s media (allegedly) and decided to impose the right of the government to impose forced participation and purchase of products from companies at the point of a gun (the IRS). Fast forward to this week.   Now you have no secrets, no…

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