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09.17.23 2130 ET: Uh, Who Died in the Bond Market Tonight?(Updated 09.18 0430 – All is well?)

09.18.23 -0430 ET UPDATE –

Whatever died decided to come back to life or the fat finger was cut off:

It’s bizarre, there were a lot of people on FinTwit asking just what the heck happened, and nobody has a clue.

Carry on.


Gang, rarely would I post a thread like this without asking the question.

But if we witness the validation of a 28 basis point move to higher yields in the 2 year US Treasury market tonight along with everything else moving higher across the curve then someone, somewhere, is in serious trouble.

The US 2 year Treasury yield is the most notable:

The 10 year yield has been all over the place also with some unusual moves:

Something disturbing is happening tonight as this blows out the yield curve:

Stay tuned. We could be on full on crash alert by morning.

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