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Covidiocy 101 as Demonstrated via Video

If any of you need my commentary on the following, then you are at the wrong website.

Just WTF.

Goebbels had nothing on her.

All this for a restaurant chain that runs out of salads in Florida where our number three crop is tomatoes. New York City is toast. Please, if you’re one of those damn Nazi cops up there enforcing this shit, do not move to Florida.

The definition of the “boy” who went to the prom alone or dated his hands for decades.

I’m old enough to remember that I was educated about Australian men who killed Japanese soldiers in hand to hand combat with their bare hands. Now? Total pussies who could get gang raped by a Kangaroo.

Uh, no thank you Dr. GoFuckYourself.

Remember when America had a President who encouraged people to use their own minds to deduct from science what was fact and what wasn’t?

The Russians and Chinese are going to kick our ass so bad in the next war. Just damn.

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