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The Covid Threat is Over, the Propaganda Continues

Let us all hop into the way back machine, to the year 2019 where there was a fear coming out of China, not totally unfounded, of a new Pneumonic Plague, which had a 100% fatality rate. The Trump administration delayed then panicked, putting the evil and vile petty bureaucrat Dr. Fauci in charge of the national response along with some outrageous Executive Orders allowing the HHS, CDC, and Pentagon to work together for emergency responses.

The United States destroyed its own economy, deliberately subsidized big corporations while putting mom and pop competitors out of business, and instituted a national propaganda effort. The first step of the propaganda was to use the mainstream media, yes, that’s you also Fox News, to terrorize the population. The majority of the nation wore masks, walked on the stupid arrow directions in the grocery stores, and kept our distance from our fellow citizens.

Then questions which needed to be answered were asked. Why is it government officials were having large parties without masks? Why wasn’t everyone dropping dead in the streets like the videos in China? How could Florida open up and there were not tens of thousands more deaths than New York or California?

Then came the Soros sponsored riots of 2020 and the declaration that “open free speech does not spread Covid-19” along with the absurd propaganda that attending a Trump rally was a “superspreader even” just like having Christmas with your family. The gig was up, but the propaganda marched onward and upward.

The Democrats used the plandemic to accelerate the World Economic Forum plans for America and got rid of Trump and had their favorite RINOs win convincingly so a global economic system could start to inject itself into our society. Would that be enough for Senile Joe and the Trudeauites?


Fast forward to recent events with the “new new variant” breaking out in China creating more panic in our society. The propaganda media has been hyping this up as a reason to get the booster even though more evidence is appearing that the original series of shots is beginning to cause fatal myocarditis cases, primarily for individuals under the age of 55.

Here is the latest propaganda ad from the US government’s HHS pushing the “booster” against the new variant:

And of course Pfizer/Biontech pushed it also with full government blessings:

If anyone thinks this propaganda effort is about to end, check out Jimmy Fallon’s insane this week:

People should be free to choose whatever they would like for their own medical care. That’s what the abortionists said for the last century, however when it comes to this vaccine, your own personal care decisions, or worse, your own personal economic decisions, a new regime has begun. The full court press to shove this propaganda into your face, and make everyone, regardless of one’s concerns, fall into line and obey.

The corporate-government partnerships that have been established in the West should terrify most freedom loving individuals. Yet every day I see people who trust both, ignore the science and behave like a sheep being herded by a dog. For example, this photo of Chris Cuomo in his car, with the top down, and wearing a a mask like a moron is something I see everyday in Southwest Florida (photo via the NY Post).

I also see people with beards thicker than my own wearing masks, which is totally ineffective by the way, people keeping their distances still, and bragging about getting more and more boosters or getting their kids vaccinated. These personal observations, on a national basis, makes me aware of just how pathetic and weak our country has become along with how effective the propaganda has been into terrifying people to make insane decisions, be they political, economic, or medical choices.

Sadly it tells me that none of this current crop of souls will be long for the world. I am old enough to remember when Americans mocked the Soviet propaganda of the USSR, like this poster below.

America is in deep, dire trouble when one actually reads the history not just of the USSR, but the colonial peak of the United Kingdom, America during the World Wars, and those nations that embraced totalitarianism be they of a Marxist origin or not.

40% of the general public, across all age spans, believes every bit of the propaganda as fact being reported by the government, their elected officials, mainstream media, and the local press. If they are told Russia blew up their own pipeline, they believe it. If they read that the new boosters will provide them the protection they need but do not investigate any of the science behind the mRNA vaccines, they will get in line for more shots. If they believe printing more money is not inflationary then they demand we print more money.

The United States is now peaking at the top of the stupid curve, thus a downward trajectory is the coming consequence of this foolishness. The problems that this nation will endure over the next decade, regardless of who wins in 2024, will be much more terrifying than Woodrow Wilson’s secret police, the Stasi of East Germany, or even Hitler’s Gestapo. Drastic action must occur in the next year or our country is doomed.

Because more and more, a majority of Americans have become too lazy to seek out the most important thing which can keep this nation alive:

The truth.

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