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China Lied, the World Died…Apparently Coronavirus May have Started in October 2019

by John Galt
17.02.2010 22:30 ET

The following series of links and stories will not help the “aware” sleep tonight or tomorrow night.

According to the Chinese Communist Party data, it’s contained, uh, somewhat. But this video from their own propaganda network, CGTN, the people do not believe them:

Apparently the idea first was to pass off the n-Cov19 coronavirus as the result of people eating bat soup in Wuhan in Hubei province (from the

Scientists Blame Coronavirus on Bats — In Chinese Province Where Bat Soup Is Served in Restaurants

Now it turns out, not so much.

Then a new theory emerged this week:

The actual truth may be far more terrifying.

What if the virus actually started appearing in the beginning of November and the cover up for the actions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may well be far worse than imagined. Let’s rewind back to early November, November 13, 2019 to be exact via the New York Times:

Pneumonic Plague Is Diagnosed in China

Now I am not a doctor, but I’ve had some pretty nasty bugs, including tropical ones in my lifetime. So this begs the question from this report, as the excerpt below illustrates:

Beijing officials said the two infected people came from Inner Mongolia, a sparsely populated region of northern China. They sought treatment on Tuesday in a hospital in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, where they were diagnosed with pneumonic plague, according to the government office of the district.

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said on Weibo, the microblogging site, that there was no need for Beijing residents to panic and that the risks of further transmission are “extremely low.” The authorities quickly isolated the patients, conducted epidemiological investigations on the people who could have been exposed and disinfected all the relevant sites, the CDC said. They have also strengthened monitoring of patients with fever, it added.

So if the risk of transmission is “extremely low” why would the Chinese CDC need to strengthen monitoring of patients with fever?

Let’s take this to the next logical assumption as the very hospital which treated these “patients” also was involved in the SARS breakout which luckily flattened out and went away. Or was it? The world will never now an honest answer. And this was highlighted in an article by Laurie Garrett in Foreign Policy on November 16th:

The Real Reason to Panic About China’s Plague Outbreak

The theory was that this was just a regional outbreak of pneumonic or bubonic plague. This excerpt from the article linked above should send a chill down anyone with a logical mind’s spine:

On Nov. 3, Li Jifeng, a doctor at Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, the capital’s key infectious diseases treatment and quarantine center, attended to a middle-aged man who was struggling to breathe and his wife, who was also running a high fever and likewise gasping for air. The couple had been ailing for at least 10 days by the time Li saw them. They had initially sought care some 250 miles north of China’s capital in Inner Mongolia, a frigid cold region that straddles the borders of China, Mongolia, and North Korea, before being sent to Beijing for observation.

November 3, 2019??? That would defy logic if indeed this is related to the Wuhan outbreak. However, since the Chinese Communist Party system prevents accurate and timely information from being disbursed, especially when the international rumor mill has it attributed to the PLA conducting banned biological weapons research.

However, the following excerpt from the same article SHOULD send off personal alarm bells:

So far, so good, for China’s response. More ominous, however, was what happened next. Li’s WeChat social media posting describing the couple was quickly deleted. Meanwhile, the government officially informed the World Health Organization (WHO) about the cases, as it was required to do, but only on Nov. 13—after they were already reported by journalists around the world.

Uh, what? The information was erased, the Chinese Government failed to follow up with a credible report on the disease outbreak to the World Health Organization (WHO) as required by international treaty and then silence on the subject as the ongoing trade negotiations with the United States entered into a critical time period.

Laurie Garrett’s article concluded with this chilling statement:

But given the Chinese government’s public health history—covering up the 2003 SARS epidemic even as it traveled to 30 other nations, denying the spread of the dangerous H5N1 influenza in the country for years, and stifling social media accounts of outbreaks—a fair amount of caution and skepticism is merited.

In my opinion, this only validates any and all skepticism about the reporting about the n-Cov19 coronavirus outbreak being reported. If indeed the first publicized cases were on November 3rd, and then following up with what was reported last night in China about two cases with incubation periods of over 30 and 90 days, then indeed it is only logical to assume that the communist government has been covering up the severity and intensity of this disease since late October 2019 or early November 2019.

Then again, why believe me? One of the members of the Chinese CDC advised his staff and all doctors of the following:

Sadly, Yan-Yi Wang is never going to be put in front of a camera to validate nor dispute this information.

With the asymptomatic characteristics of this disease, along with the prolonged incubation period in healthy individuals allowing the virus to spread for days if not weeks before illness becomes pronounced, this disease could well indeed hit the world in a manner far worse than the 1918 Spanish Flu. Add in the big lie by every government in the world designed to protect their economies, and the formula is in place for a massive pandemic which could destroy our concept of modern civilization as we know it.

Otherwise, why would CNBC, of all networks, be running a nightly special to warn “investors” about the dangers of this disease?

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