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These Are the Type of Scientists Scaring the World Into Submission

First it was global cooling.

Then the most brilliant minds in the world told us it was “global warming.”

Then it was “climate change” which of course was much worse.

Of course by then, many people who think rationally thought out loud that these people are nuts.

So when the public did not panic, it was the mosquito spreading “Zika” virus which scientists claimed could wipe out humanity and cause Florida to be forced to depopulate (yeah, they really said that as I was here to listen to this nonsense).

The final nail in the credibility of America’s, hell, the globe’s scientific community was of course, the China Virus.

Why am I singling out Time magazine?

Only because they represent the propaganda arm of the globalist government. And the US government has declared itself the unrepentant leader of this movement, where propaganda via Time, CNN, hell even Fox News is an acceptable path to achieving a goal of using “science” to terrify the ignorant into obeying the complying regimes of the Brave New World.

Thus when this story appeared about the awesome new star discovered, people should be excited by the photos, right?


Until the truth comes out (via CNN of all places):

Top scientist admits ‘space telescope image’ was actually a slice of chorizo

So why is another story about a scientific fraud so important?

These are the people who are telling you to inject DNA altering vaccines into your family’s bodies.

These are the people who say they “know” how great the economy is.

These are the people who say that “the science is settled.”

Trust, but verify.

Do not depend on the “experts” ever, do your own research to understand and find the truth, not their truth.

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