Sorry Trumptards: Donald Trump Lost the Debate with the Hildabeast

by John Galt September 26, 2016 23:00 ET Trump opened the debate strong. Then he turned into the wimpiest pile of steaming whatever I’ve seen to date. Marco Rubio must be at home wondering tonight if his balls had fully developed how much he would have whipped Trump if he had behaved like this. Whatever advice Trump got, he needs to forget. After the first 20 minutes he looked weak, indecisive, and unable to defend his record in short concise sentences as he was obviously lying. He needs to take a…

The Unofficial 2016 1st Presidential Debate Drinking Game Rules: Bullfest 2016

by John Galt September 26, 2016 17:00 ET Yup, the theme tonight is “don’t say facts, say bull!” Here is the Fox News live video link for the program tonight: Welcome to Bullfest 2016, America’s every 4 year fertilizer spreading festival known as the Presidential Debates. In the Blue corner, we have the nastiest woman alive, willing to kill soldiers, lawyers, and interns to stay in power regardless of how much bonking her husband engages in and regardless if they are of legal age or not. Her qualifications are that she…

Thank you Hofstra University Wussies for this Hilarious, Pathetic Sign

by John Galt September 26, 2016 19:45 ET Is any comment necessary about the wussification of the sissies at Hofstra? This sign was just outside of the event hall where tonight’s Presidential debate is being held. Now go have a good cry with your sissy, socialist, special snowflake, retarded, anti-American, school counselor.

From Zero to Weasel in Less than 60 Seconds: Ted Cruz Interview on the Glenn Beck Radio Show (Audio)

by John Galt September 26, 2016 15:50 ET Thank you to Glenn Beck for having the balls to ask the man he once called “America’s last best hope” and exposing this fraud as just another politician. For those of you who piled blood, sweat, tears, and fortune into this man’s campaign please explain to me the difference between Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh, and Marco Rubio? All are apparently political opportunists, spewing lies and bullshit, and willing to do whatever it takes to retain power and profit. Welcome to the weasel club…

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