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03.07.22 00:00 UTC Financial Markets Open= P-A-I-N

Just holy flirkingschmidt.

I thought to myself hours ago, “yeah, it could be ugly,” but not this FUGLY!

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite subject, the gas pump:

So how bad is it now, because that was just after the open. Try this one for Brent 20 minutes ago:

And of course, RBOB Regular Unleaded gas? Brutal:

Don’t worry, no one uses gas or oil to build things and manufacture ‘stuff’, right?(BS, but what the heck).

Let’s take a peak at Dr. Copper:

Blood on the streets is almost a given. And I am talking about Wall Street, not Kharkov.

Did anyone wake up Senile Joe or Lyin’ Jay Powell yet?

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