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03.14.24 Market Report: Uh, oh another No No No Market

Last time I did a report like this was October 6, 2023.

It got ugly, then the Fed said “everyone party now” and the market went insane.

Today the No, No, No, No returned…

No real volume now for many months.

No real dedicated momentum.

No confirmation of the bull move except for suckering in retail to bail out the big boys, similar to the year 2000.

No good news about the nonsense of “AI” as the future of investing.

And lastly, no good news as promised about inflation as the PPI and retail sales report were just plain ugly.

However, today’s market report (via the WSJ Market information page) was not all that bad if one is a day trader:

In reality, it was another day like those in 1980, 2000, 2008, etc. One just has to learn how to look at the charts. Like this 9 month chart of the NYSE, a pretty broad index which includes the crap and industrial issues:

Thus until anyone gets a clue if the Federal Reserve will choose stagflation (easy money) or stagnation (recession/restrictive) the market will flounder with the party people taking over and the idiots on the Bubblevisions ruling the day.

Just a hint from yours truly:

In election years, the Federal Reserve takes the easy way out.

1932 was the only exception.

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