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05.17 9 p.m. ET on MacroEdge Radio via X-Spaces: We Want You (Mp3 added)

Good afternoon one and all.

After a week of travels and travails, data and insanity, and angry Italians (you have to tune in for that one), it is time to grab one’s favorite adult beverage BUT before the team offers commentary, we want you. A lot of the MacroEdge team travels a lot, yet we can not be everywhere and that’s where the reporting on the ground from listeners becomes critical in determining where this Bidenomics plane crash is taking us.

I’m tired of the mainstream and bubblevisions telling everyone what to think about the economy so let’s do it gang!

All of us, well, most of us, have two eyes and a brain which means the “reality” they report on usually differs from the media circus.

Join us at this link on X-Spaces tonight and be the economic reporter America needs.

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