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10.18.23 Stock Market Report: It was a Ranch Party

For those of you not on the inside, you might not get this.

However for everyone else, the truth is pretty clear and ugly as to what highway we have chosen so far in the markets:

Yeah, the road to nowhere.

So while some of the more clever perpetual shorts are having steak tonight because they get to barbecue on their ranch tonight, or in their ranch house, the reality is that this is not “the big one” but it was a perfect distribution display by the big money luring the stupid retail sector into another pounding like Britney Spears hitting the boy band circuit (too soon?).

Please get some help sweetheart. Oh, and you ranch folks, yeah, you might need some too.

I use the Wall Street Journal’s market data page because outside of paying that asshat Bloomberg an obscene amount of money, it’s easier to read and much more convenient for this type of data:

The price action “seems” impressive.

In reality, we’re still stuck in the bullcrap fertilizer ranch range which means some things will grow, others will just smell worse, you know, like gold:

So the usual suspects will scream “but yeah, gold is the end of the world trade” to which I reply, and?

Meanwhile in the “if this is a bull market aspect of reality, why oh why were the banksters distributed today? And I do mean sold off like used Hunter Biden hookers at a 50% discount:

Thus the narrative of the bull is alive and well, the economy is super, duper, wow oh hell is cranking up is 100% ranch fertilizer also. The bigger news however is with the smart money as the dumb money thinks Netflix and Apple represent the real economy.

The smart money voted and we are Fawked:

Ok, maybe I’m joking about Tom Lee. Sorta. Kinda. Maybe he should put some “ranch” dressing on that.

And congrats to all the ranchers who hit their put strikes today!

The reality is we are still in the death star range and until the S&P 500 breaks hard below 3800 this is just foreplay.

Stay safe, watch world events and remember:

If you own gold, food, and ammo, you’re either an insane nut like me with a basement in Florida or you are prepared for some serious stupidity thanks to our political elites in DC.

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