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25% Inflation Has Arrived

Brandonflation is about to zing the entire nation and what makes this fascinating is that many will try to shape this up as a political, not economic debate.

Since most globalists who support Marxism have a problem with basic math, let’s play along at home kiddies and try to explain this so the leftists might begin to gasp this concept.

25%, or 1/4 of 100 is what?

100÷4 =


So when the Dollar Tree raises their prices by 25 cents, that means we have 25% price increase, aka, 25% inflation of prices.

So did they?

Yes, sure looks like it to me. Granted, I do not visit the Dollar Tree often except for simple things in life like coffee filters, etc., but having not dropped by in about a month provided some disturbing aspects as to where inflation is heading. And the Dollar Tree inflation indicator does not lie, as before it was a screaming warning about the inflationary period our nation is entering.

And just like the local grocery stores, empty shelves galore. There was inventory to be stacked on the shelves, but the local store manager said it best, as they are so frustrated trying to find entry level employees or people wishing to enter into management training.

As the container pipeline continues to be strangled and merchandise that was needed four months ago gets delivered, the current stock which is needed for this time period may well not arrive until late spring or early summer of 2022.

If inflation were not so bad and this was just a supply chain issue, then perhaps the Dollar Tree would have gone with just a 10% increase in prices. But by jacking prices up 25% across the board, it’s an indicator of how everything is going up price and is only about to get worse.

Of course it is not just the Dollar Tree that is increasing prices, it’s Gen Z/Millennial favorite IKEA:

That’s not very festive! Ikea hikes prices 50%

The total average increase is 9% per the article, but some items, especially the heavier flat pack items are going up 50% in the past few weeks.

Let that sink in as American retailers and grocers are now going to say Happy New Year and pass a lot of the costs they have been eating on to the consumer. A winter of grave discontent is going to spread especially as the cold weather hist and energy outages begin to occur simultaneously with rapid weekly energy price increases.

Ain’t the Brandonflation Economy great?

Someone might want to tell the senile old guy how this turned out for Jimmy Carter, universally regarded as the worst modern day President in US history. Brandon refuses to give up until he strips Carter of that title as his inflation is the largest tax increase on the poor and middle class in history.

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