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27 Cents

I apologize for my lack of commentary from Good Friday through Easter Sunday, but considering my family and health situation, it was time to spend some quality family time instead of focusing on a blog which hopefully informs some as to what my perspective is on the world.

Today, however, it’s all about this:

For those not following along about the implosion of America’s supply chain, a quick primer.

I work as a logistics consultant for about a dozen manufacturers which saves them the time, staff, and expense of seeking out their own staff which does not have vendor relationships. The field I am in requires me to save major corporations large amounts of money by finding steady, yet low cost supplies of material, for manufacturing multi-million dollar yachts and housing, primarily in the higher cost homes which require premium materials for their finished product.

Cool, fun, right?

Ehhh, errrr, not so much lately.

The yacht shows are fun, the stress sucks, the JIT nature is gone, and now I can honestly say just WTF!

I was just informed by one of the largest European suppliers that I deal with that the ability to supply a twenty-seven cent part which is essential to the construction of several interior parts of a yacht can be delivered in February of 2023. This same part is also used in the housing industry and appears to have not been recognized as a key shortage within the industry at the moment, but will be no later than Wednesday of this week.

You, my readers, have seen this correctly.

A stamped, stainless steel 27 cent piece of metal is now on back order for almost 11 months.

Are you freaking kidding me?

The part is only made in two continents, thank you Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, and that means unless China decides to prioritize exports to the United States (unlikely, thanks Joe) or Europe unfucks itself, potentially tens of millions of dollars in sales for my 4 largest customers will be laying around like an 76 year old Bill Clinton after being serviced by an intern. And that doesn’t even address the housing side of things.


I’ve already sent inquiries to United States producers to manufacture these parts from engineering drawings and the answer I’ve received as of 7 p.m. Eastern tonight?

“We can’t even begin to contract the engineering on that part until late 2023 due to personnel and material shortages”

Is this the only industry America is seeing a problem in?

Uh, hell no.

Try the all new “let’s be green and suck up to the globalist climate change circus crowd” news today, via the Wall Street Journal:

Rivian CEO Warns of Looming Electric-Vehicle Battery Shortage


Good job Senile Joe.

America, turn out the lights, the party is over.

Just because of 27 cents?

No, because the “people” abandoned their responsibility to oversee the government and ensure that capitalism was the preferred economic model.

I won’t starve, you might.

Too bad, so sad.

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  1. Andy Andy 04/19/2022

    Is it top secret knowledge to say what kind of part it is? Fitting or fastener?

    • John Galt John Galt Post author | 04/20/2022

      Fitting. And we just got notice of a May 1st price increase to $1.87 per unit.

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