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A Follow Up to My Goodbye San Francisco Piece

It’s worse than I thought and then some from the article and video I originally posted.

From the UK Daily Mail:

San Francisco’s small businesses are closing in waves as just 24% of office workers return, big tech workers like Google are slow hiring, and the city center devolves into an open-air drug market


As crime continues to surge, office workers continue to feel increasingly unsafe, electing to work from the safety of their home instead of venturing outside for a conventional commute.

That recent gravitation toward remote work – coupled with mass firings – while saving money for big tech, has left small businesses in the region struggling, as they rely on the presence of the now-absent workers to turn a profit. 

This is not going to have a happy ending.

Unless one is part of the crowd that “visits” the city’s Monkeypox infested bath houses.

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