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A Must Watch Interview With One of My Favorite Market Technicians (Video)

Sometimes when one has an overwhelming day at the office it becomes difficult to catch key interviews and commentary during wild market days like the US has witnessed in the past year.

Today was no different as the supply chain which Senile Joe said he fixed kept me scrambling as three of my key suppliers moved their 30 day lead times out to 90+ because it’s “fixed” if one listens to the Bubblevisions.

On CNBC today an interview with Tom McClellan, one of my favorite market analysts provided some enlightening viewpoints as to the bull-bear battle currently underway in the markets>

As always, I appreciate his blunt honesty about the current conditions. This is a must watch because the key points about the money supply and Federal taxation levels is something to consider. The next 90 days will be fascinating to say the least.

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