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A Payback Music Video Dedication to the Reddit Investors

I am one of those old farts that people whisper about “not knowing about the new economy and stock market” from the young whippersnappers.

However, I was there in 1980 for the great Hunt Brothers crash and as a teenager in high school made a nifty profit at that age by listening to an old sage who told me who to and when to sell my collection of silver that I had accumulated over my youth.

I got out and made several thousand dollars before the Hunt Brothers crash which was great and fun and a big party as I decided to blow it all on girls and fun. Whatever, we all learn from our mistakes.

With this new move tonight in silver however, some advice and a dedication from that era to my Reddit friends (no I am not on that board):

Make your money, then take your money and run.

In the mean time, make the cheating bastards at the big banks who have been naked shorting physical silver pay for 40 plus years of bullcrap.

You have fans, you just don’t realize it.

Rock it like a hurricane and make them cry.

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