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America’s Coming Winter Energy Crisis

Yes us arrogant Americans have been laughing at stories like these:

Germany: Stockpiling wood in fear of gas shortage

Unfortunately, the last laugh might be on us as the mismanagement of America’s energy resources has resulted in the following headline today:

How high is it? Well north of $9 now:

Heating Oil since the start of the China Virus crisis is up over 270%:

Have no fear though, Senile Joe is sniffing girl’s hair everywhere to cure this. Of course if you live in one of the areas the EIA highlights as dependent on Heating Oil or Natural Gas for keeping warm this winter, you may have a problem.

Florida is just now beginning to adopt the use of natural gas on a larger scale but it is still pricey, yet rarely needed south of I-4. The Northeast still primarily depends on heating oil, thus the higher prices for natural gas.

All of the coming disaster was avoidable with an intelligent energy policy which was abandoned in January of 2021.

Now America, like Europe, will pay the price for this shortsighted approach to managing our abundant energy supplies this winter.

Winter is coming, do you have a chainsaw?

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