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An Ominous Stock Market Warning From Major League Baseball

I apologize up front to whomever posted the Tweet which caught my eye on Monday as I failed to bookmark it but it burned in my mind as I remember the 2008 events of that October as if it were yesterday. My online friends all asked “how could you” as I traveled into paradise during the peak days of the crash and crisis catching tuna and dolphinfish (not Flipper) while cruising the Caribbean as markets were limit down and imploding all around the world.

Fast forward to today. Does everyone remember this scene and words from Field of Dreams?

So how has baseball marked the time and during this past week sent a very ominous stock market warning?

Follow me through history and be patient, as I’m not superstitious but also, I do not believe in random coincidence but the cyclical nature of human stupidity and what once was America’s game.

A’s, 1929 World Series Game 4
Down 8-0 in 7th, beat Cubs 10-8

The Dow Jones Industrial Average October 1929:

Nauseating, but just a one time occurrence, right?

Red Sox, 2008 ALCS Game 5
Down 7-0 in 7th, beat Rays 8-7

Dow Jones Industrial Average October 2008:

It’s starting to get a little creepy. But no way it could happen again.

Mariners, 2022 AL Wild Card Series Game 2
Down 8-1 in 6th, beat Blue Jays 10-9

Oh chit. Not again.

For the record, only 3 times in MLB history has a team in the playoffs or World Series ever come back from a 7 run deficit (data per The third time happened last week.

You may panic now.

Got gold and silver?

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