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Another American Diplomatic Humiliation Courtesy of China

There are times when one questions the familiar chant issued from the Biden junta when they took power that the “adults were now in charge.”

Boy is that the farthest thing from the truth now.

Here is US Secretary of the Treasury arriving on April 4, 2024 at the Chinese industrial city of Guangzhou. Not Beijing, not Shanghai, a city for all of its economic power would be equivalent for shuffling the Chinese Finance Minister Lan Fo’an off to meet a lower level bureaucrat in Portland.

Note in the video below, no fanfare, no red carpet, nothing.

Weirdly enough, she elected to attack the Chinese government about dumping “green” industry products on the markets just years after the Obama administration admonished the Chinese communists for not being fully committed to reducing the threat of “climate change” in the world.

During her visit she met with the following government officials (via CNBC):

During her visit she attacked the Chinese model of overproduction and product dumping which I am sure sat well with her guests.

Naturally it did not as the Global Times (one of the CCP’s part organs) highlighted in an editorial on April 29th:


Of course, no matter how the US smears China, the green industry is always the trend of world economic development, and it is also the key choice for humanity to address the challenge of climate change. Shifting contradictions, smearing and suppressing, and decoupling will only lead to a “lose-lose” situation.

Green industries and high-quality production capacity should not become a battlefield of the zero-sum game. Hyping up “China’s new energy overcapacity” is not only detrimental to the transformation and upgrading of domestic industries, but also does not help alleviate international production capacity conflicts. In this sense, the voices and forces behind the hype of “China’s new energy overcapacity” are the ones creating problems, as well as the real threats to the world.

As a follow up to Janet’s visit, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken arrived and was greeted by who?

Very few Americans would have a clue as to who this guy is. Hell, I didn’t until I saw this video of the humiliating arrival of the United States Secretary of State.

Who again? That’s right, the head of the Shanghai Party Committee and a member of the Politburo, Chen Jining. A diplomatic nobody.

It got worse from that slap in the face, as this video leaked from Chairman Xi while waiting to apparently just get the talks with Blinken over with.

If this is not a direct slap in the face of the Biden junta and the lack of respect the US is garnering in the second largest economy in the world, I do not know what is. Then again, they doubled down as Secretary of State Blinken departed China with no promises, no deliverables, and no respect from his hosts.

No red carpet.

No band or industrialists, diplomats or even Chinese Communist Party officials to see Secretary Blinken off.

It is the ultimate diplomatic protocol slap in the face yet this trip was allowed to happen with no pre-planned deliverables or guarantees by the young State Department idealists.

Keep in mind the Eastern mindset folks; when relations get this low, nothing good is about to happen economically nor diplomatically, no matter the public pronouncements of both sides.

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