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Another EV SPAC Discharges and Dies

The future is now.

Or more like yesterday.

All throughout 2021 the market “experts” and those who told us that we in the industry were dinosaurs who didn’t know any better were wrong and that electric delivery vehicles and trucks were the future so you had to invest NOW or miss out on the “investing opportunity of our lifetime” or something like that.

Today’s SPAC of death:

Electric Last Mile Solutions

From YahooFinance:

Electric Last Mile Solutions, Inc. Announces Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing

Shocking right? I mean all of the interviews on the bubblevisions, the commitment by the Biden Junta to force people to buy a product they don’t want yet, and the non-stop hype of this company and many others just had to mean it would be successful.

Or not.

The promotion of the SPACs and other “new new” tech companies, coins, etc. was the sign of a new era. Just like transistors in the 1960’s, .com’s in the late 1990’s, and subprime mortgages in 2005.

They all end the same with trillions of dollars being lost in a major bear market.

This time will not be any different.

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