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As if Senile Joe Biden Doesn’t Suck Enough, Now America has a Chick-Fil-A Sauce Shortage!!!

As my long time former listeners and fans know, not only do I despise Marxists, but I also wish flaming fireballs from hell cast upon their lot for everything they do to destroy freedom.

The news via the Today Show is a true indicator of just how bad this supply chain crisis is getting:

Chick-fil-A plans to limit sauces to customers due to shortage

Excuse me? America’s favorite fast food restaurant, a gift from the good Lord that we honor by letting them close on Sundays is going to limit our beloved heroin, er, Chick-Fil-A sauce due to a supply chain issue? Yup.

From the article:

New limits are being placed on the number of free sauces Chick-fil-A customers can get with each order due to supply chain issues.

According to an email obtained by WTRF, the new restrictions limit customers to one sauce per entrée, two sauces per meal and three sauces per 30-count nuggets.

A Chick-fil-A spokesperson told TODAY Food that the change is due to supply chain disruptions, which have led to shortages of goods, ranging from refrigerators to pepperoni, during the coronavirus pandemic. A similar statement was also posted on the Chick-fil-A website.

“Due to industry wide supply chain disruptions, some Chick-fil-A restaurants are experiencing a shortage of select items, like sauces,” said the spokesperson via email. “We are actively working to make adjustments to solve this issue quickly and apologize to our Guests for any inconvenience.”

This is an emergency. Time to call out the military. Time to invade Somalia. Time to mobilize everyone.

Or better yet, let’s fire Joe “Senile” Biden as none of these problems existed a year ago. It’s time to past those fireballs I referenced up for the idiots at the Fed and the moron politicians in D.C.

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