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Bernie Madoff was a Piker Compared to these Ponzi Con Men

Today, the so-called “greatest Ponzi artist”(according to some) in U.S. history passed away at age 82. The news articles reminded everyone of the fraud, the greed, and the insanity during the bubble he helped create.

But compared to the following individuals picture below, he is a piker, a slacker, a nobody, and a loser for not topping them and becoming part of “the club” which protects it’s own.

  1. Senator Robert L. Owen, Progressive (D-OK)

His claim to fame? The primary sponsor and recipient of great campaign support from our next guest of the Glass-Owen Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Needless to say this con man did not die a pauper in 1947.

2. James Pierpont Morgan, founder of J.P. Morgan Bank, now known as J.P. Morgan Chase Bank

If Senator Owen and the clowns who went to Jekyll Island, GA were the facilitators of the greatest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history, then J.P. Morgan was the financier. His idea to divert responsibility of the monetary system from the U.S. Treasury to a privately owned institution which paid annual dividends to the primary shareholders (like JPM) was beyond brilliant. They could create inflation or deflation and still make money in the end. Asset valuations were to be manipulated by the banks, not normal economic determinations thus voiding the pragmatism of the Austrian economic theory and of course, enslaving a nation to credit to the point where we are at now. Madoff defrauded people of billions of dollars; the Federal Reserve; try trillions.

3. Robert L. Doughton, Congressman (D-NC)

This powerful Democrat-Progressive head of the Dixiecrats during the Great Depression became the head of the House Ways and Means Committee in 1933 and of course, to “save” American, forced through the Social Security Act in 1935.

If anyone in their right mind does not believe this is the ultimate Ponzi scheme piled on top of another Ponzi scheme, then they are truly the bigger fool.

4. Richard Milhous Nixon, President of the United States (R)

Ah yes, the man who destroyed the United States Dollar by declaring that “sound money” was whatever our political and economic elites wanted it to be; even if it meant depending on the con artists at the Federal Reserve Bank to determine what it should be worth (or worthless). Executive Order 11615 was the beginning of the end of our nation’s currency as a world standard and of course, the beginning of a series of Madoff types profiting off of the politician’s willingness to sell out their voters.

Madoff was a wimp compared to Nixon.

5. Alan Greenspan, former Chair of the Federal Reserve

If Ben Bernanke was the man who decided that the Federal Reserve was the globalist bank to the world, it was Alan Greenspan who put America on the path to disaster. His actions after the LTCM disaster, 9/11, and his actions preceding the “Great Recession” which helped create an ongoing credit nightmare and housing crash were unprecedented. While old Bernie profited from Greenspan’s con game, numerous others went unpunished, namely the heads of failed banks and mortgage companies in addition to those who led our nation’s Federal Reserve member banks while fleecing the average citizen. Old Alan just nodded, spoke gobbledygook, and reassured the ignorant political elites that everything is awesome while America’s financial basement was engulfed in flames.

As any sane person can see, Bernard Madoff was a piker compared to these clowns. Yes, he stole billions from the gullible who believe that a smooth talking intelligent man can win their accounts huge returns, but he’s just one of many that just made the mistake of getting caught without political allies to bail him out.

Right Elon?

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