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Buckle Up: Tonight Could get Wild

I’m not saying things are happening, but, things are happening.

Okay, maybe not yet, but I won’t dismiss it out of hand yet.

The reality is that things are getting nuts after a horrid CPI report which all being blamed on one little guy by all the talking heads on the bubblevisions.

Poor little lizard.

Tonight the consequences of massive moves in US Treasury yields and the US dollar are coming home to roost. Right on the head of the Bank of Japan who is now in deep sushi after the Dollar/Yen jumped up over 153 just a little while ago:

A break of 160 resets everything in commodity, bond, and equity markets on a global scale because the Bank of Japan, ECB, etc. will all have to engage in a massive intervention and that is never a good thing for free markets. 1986 was a good year, but the years where the Yen traded above 200 were so to say, not so hot for the United States as the inflation of the 1970’s was brutal.

As if that was not enough fun for tonight, here’s this “sudden” news tidbit out of the fun loving mullahs in Iran.

Stay tuned via X, Telegram, and my blog ladies and gents. This could be a very interesting period heading into the weekend.

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