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CNBC Guest Analyst Goes Legally Blonde (Video)

Again, you just can not make this crap up:

Her entire appearance reminds me of a question that needs to be asked of CNBS and this blonde bimbo:

She’s obviously not good at Economics 101, so maybe she has an OnlyFans page which shows her “intelligence” at a higher level of performance or appearance.

The statement from Walmart says it all:

Pssst…Bimblette; this is not a sign of “disinflation” or “deflation” or “bad news equals good news.”

It’s a sign that the lower and middle class have exhausted their stimulus reserves and credit limits and can no longer spend money on Chinese crap to fund the retail economy. If they wanted to buy a pair of jorts at $13.87 in 2020 (guilty, I’m a Cracker after all), but now it’s $17.00+ the choice between gas to haul the family around or buy cereal for the kids and jean shorts is pretty damned easy.

Not to mention, Walmart did not mention that their food prices are skyrocketing so on a nominal basis by reducing their retail Chic-om garbage inventory at lower prices, their grocery and apparel sections will see growth to offset those losses.

Wake up Amurica and quit listening to these idiots!

(Even if they have a nice rack)

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