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Congrats California, Just When I Think You’ve Reached Peak Stupid, Boom, Here We Are


The stupid from Newsom’s quasi-Marxist toilet of a state never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think they can not do anything else stupid, the give me the famous indication by saying “here, hold my beer” so they can once again surpass my expectations.

From the New York Post this Sunday evening:

San Francisco opens first ‘free food market’ where shoppers can leave without paying

From the article:

San Francisco opened its first $5.5 million free food “market”, where approved residents can show a benefits eligibility card, put what they want in their carts, check out to keep track of outgoing inventory, and leave without paying.

The Bayview-Hunters Point facility aims to be a food pantry alternative that replicates the supermarket experience in an area where many grocery stores have come but few have remained due to high crime. 

The 4000-square foot District 10 Market is the first of San Francisco’s food empowerment “markets” funded by the San Francisco’s Human Services Agency. Eligible individuals receive a Costco-like benefits card that allows use of the facility once per month. Eligibility is limited to individuals who live within one of three zip codes, are verified social services clients, have dependents under 25 or a qualified food-related illness, and be referred by one of eleven community organizations in the market’s referral network.

Do you know who else has government food markets for the masses?

Worked out wonderful in North Korea. Way to go California, you never disappoint with your insanity.

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