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Cryptogeddon Redux

The day the cryptocurrency fraudsters, no different than the stock market fraudsters, have always feared:

Zero Liquidity Day

Just like the stock market overnight session action today which is primed for another potential 3-4% one day drop, the cryptocurrency market is facing a new crisis of its own. The two most famous (infamous?) “dog” meme cryptos are getting their butts whooped by Foghorn Leghorn:

Shiba Inu is at microscopic levels:

It’s not just inflation, it is the sell everything mentality that the pros are engaged in. This isn’t even the major crash for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the bad news will not really hit until August when the news comes out that the big boy banksters have shut down their crypto desks (trust me, it is coming).

The entire cryptocurrency spectrum is getting hammered this morning:

And if you think it is time to bail from cryptos into the “safety” of precious metals, you have not been paying attention. If you can find and buy physical, then yes, buy all you can get. But to invest in the miners and paper gold investments at this moment is suicide.

There is little liquidity in the markets at this moment and this will cause the panic to last at least two more weeks until the July 4th holiday. After that the fun and anticipation of the third wave down starting in August can begin and that is when the final flush in all speculative markets will begin.

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